International Radio Telecommunication and Phraseology



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Improving communication fluidity by employing appropriate phraseology based on situational awareness. Mastering crew communication and briefings while considering Threats and Error Management (TEM).

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Flight crew.

Prerequisites: None


Reference : § FCL. of the "Aircrew" regulation and AMC 1 to 3. FCL.055 of Decision no. 2011/016/R of EASA

Communication and Crew briefing
Introduction to communication in aviation
Crew briefing : TFORDECC and its application
Crew briefing : the NITS model and its use
Effective communication with air traffic controllers
Management of communication errors
Crew fight simulation exercises applying briefing and communication techniques
Aviation phraseology
Standard phraseology for pillot-controller communication in normal situations
Communication exercises with virtual air traffic controllers
PAN PAN calls : meaning and usage
MAYDAY calls : meaning and procedures
PAN PAN MEDICAL calls and communication in case of medical emergencies on board
Management of specific emergency situations
Evaluation and certification

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